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WORLD-SIZE: Chemicals found nowhere else. Distributors throughout the globe. Ability to ship hazardous chemicals to all countries. Pfaltz & Bauer has been a name known around the world since 1900.

Our mission is to supply rare & hard-to-find research chemicals and laboratory chemicals, as well as a complete product range, to researchers in industry, government and academia. And to supply the same specialty chemicals in bulk to the world’s manufacturers.

Our 65,000 sq. foot (6,000 sq. meters) production, warehouse and office facility, located in the U.S northeast, houses many research and laboratory chemicals found nowhere else in the world. We analyze and package your orders, in your requested quantities, immediately prior to shipment. We can also store your product in inventory, from milligram through multiple drum quantities, to fill your blanket orders.

Pfaltz & Bauer is both an old friend and a new source for your research chemicals and laboratory chemical needs. CHALLENGE US TODAY to search our warehouse or the world for both the rare and the routine chemicals you need for research or production.

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